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R.E. McMaster has a question and a thought for Mother's Day

Submitted by Roanman on Mon, 05/10/2010 - 06:11


I have a question:

How does all this massive amount of legislation, hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of pages, which common sense tells us takes months if not years to draft, magically appear overnight right after a crisis, like the Patriot Acts, Obamacare, and the new onerous financial regulations?

Gosh, a skeptic would think that such is crafted well ahead of time behind the scene.

Plus, no politician has or takes the time to read all this legislation.

The politicians blindly just vote.

Is it like the sheeple are being deliberated herded toward the slaughter works, a place that is clearly contrary to their own best interest long-term?

The Gaia, Mother Earth, New Age, collectivist philosophy of the ruling elite is that “humanity is dandruff that needs to be cleansed from the scalp of Mother Earth.”

The masses in Euroland, the US, the UK, Japan and China are starting to seriously question the legitimacy of their political leadership.

Such historically has preceded an economic and politically distracting war.

Historically, mankind gets into trouble when it buys into the earth-based collectivist philosophy as opposed to the Creator-based individualistic philosophy.

So, love your real mother this Mother’s Day!

The Powers That Be (PTB) are fast running out of slick rhetoric, empty promises, zero interest rates, and endless bailouts for their cronies.

Our concern should be that next comes inflation, more tyrannical controls, loss of freedom, and war.

Desperate men, addicted to power, do desperate things.

 Cheerfull bastard ain't he.