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Even more reading on a Sunday morning

Submitted by Roanman on Mon, 10/11/2010 - 09:40



From yesterday's Quarter Horse News


Trainer Mugged Outside Hotel During The Congress 


Dallas Schmidt, a reining and working cowhorse trainer from Cooperstown, North Dakota, was mugged outside of his room at the Baymont Hotel located at the Dublin/Granville Road exit in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday evening. Schmidt was in Columbus attending the Congress.  Schmidt, his wife DaLayne, and their young daughter Bailey had just returned to their room, and Dallas went back to his truck to get a baby bottle.

According to accounts by wife DaLayne, Dallas had parked by some trees and while he was standing on the running boards looking for the bottle, two men came out of the trees and approached him. They told him they wanted his money. Dallas had just emptied his pockets in the room and had nothing for them.

Armed with nothing more than his spurs, Schmidt started kicking his attackers and was able to scare them off. Police later found one of the alleged attackers who was severely injured and is now in intensive care. The spur went under his chin, through his tongue and in to his palate. Because the spur was dirty, he is now fighting an infection.


If you would accept a little advice from your Uncle Roany.

Horse trainers work 10 to 12 hours a day wrestling with heavy and/or strong stuff: bales of hay, young horses, sometimes cattle, occasionally buffalo.

Do not mess with these people, they are hard and stronger than hell.

And for God's sake never antagonize a bull rider, even horse trainers are scared of bull riders.