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How they keep us apart, part two

Submitted by Roanman on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 17:52


Here's maybe a better example on how government and the "Political Class" keeps America divided.


Let's say somebody earned $100,000 last year.

How much taxes did he/she pay?


Who the hell knows?

Everybody is different.


Do you have a mortgage?

Live in a high tax environment?

Breed excessively?

Drive far to work?

Save for retirement?

Support a church or a charitable organization?


There is only one area where everybody is the same.

Everybody is pretty damn sure everybody else is paying a helluva lot less. 


Let's take your Uncle Roany as an example.

I own my home free and clear, having bought a much smaller, cheaper house than I could have, had I been willing to mortgage.


So ....... here's my question?

Why the hell should I be expected to subsidize the interest payments you make on your purchase of a bigger and nicer house than I have??????


Your Uncle Roany really likes sex.

Really, really ............................................ Seriously.

Early on in my marriage, I didn't realize that a lot of sex would result in a lot of babies.

I thought it was the fluoride causing it.

Why should you be asked to subsidize the consequences of my baser instincts and lack of training in the "Facts of Life"?


Because I have a pretty small house in a suburban bedroom community, my property taxes are pretty low.

Why should I have to subsidize your lifestyle in a real cool, high tax city.


I like to give money away.

Why should you be expected to subsidize my religious, charitable or civic convictions?


How do you think people would feel about themselves, their neighbors, and their country, if everybody knew for damn sure that everybody was getting the exact same deal?

Whatever that exact sameness might be?