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From WND

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Does Google spy on you for NSA? Judge says, 'None of your business'

'Court is not to conduct detailed inquiry to decide whether it agrees with agency'

Posted: July 15, 2011By Bob Unruh



A federal judge has ordered that whether Google is spying for National Security Agency or not, you have no right to know.

"The NSA need not disclose 'the organization or any function of the National Security Agency, [or] any information with respect to the activities thereof,'" U.S. District Judged Richard Leon has ordered.

"Once the agency, through affidavits, has created 'as complete a public record as is possible' and explained 'in as much detail as is possible the basis for its claim,' … 'the court is not to conduct a detailed inquiry to decide whether it agrees with the agency's opinions'" he said.


As always you can count on The Onion for the clearest analysis of Governments relationship with "Social Media".



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