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Stephane Grapelli

Quintette du Hot Club de France

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Having lost the use of two fingers on his fretting hand in a fire at age 18, Django Reinhardt literally played the guitar like nobody had ever played it before.

 Along with the great Stephane Grapelli, Reinhardt fronted one of the greatest bands in the history of popular music, Quintette du Hot Club de France.



This is the certainly the most well known and probably the best version of the band.

It features Django Reinhardt on Guitar, Stephane Grappelli playing Violin, bassist Louis Vola, and rhythm guitarists Roger Chaput and Joseph Reinhardt. 




Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli - J'Attendrai - Newsreel 'Jazz Hot' from Stoney Lane on Vimeo.


People always get real crabby when I say this out loud, so I usually mumble it or type really, really small.

The first great Western Swing band came from Paris, France.


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