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Submitted by Roanman on Tue, 03/13/2012 - 17:52


The Wiffer, upon hearing about the clamor for a more uplifting posting, heartily agreed and sarcastically suggested the following for the new logo.



I thought that was a bit harsh, but it did get me thinking.

From Merriam-Webster, among the definitions for the noun bond are the following:


Bond - something that binds or restrains : Fetter

A binding agreement : Covenant

A band or cord used to tie something.

One who acts as bail or surety. 

An interest-bearing certificate of public or private indebtedness.


The etymology for the word bond is shared with that for the noun Bondage, a synonym for Slavery.

From the free dictionary, the definition and etymology (origin) for the noun mortgage is as follows:


Mortgage - A temporary, conditional pledge of property to a creditor as security for performance of an obligation or repayment of a debt.

From Middle English - morgage, and from Old French : mort - dead,

from Vulgar Latin - mortus, from Latin - mortuus, past participle of mori - to die;

plus gage - pledge (of Germanic origin).

Word History: The great jurist Sir Edward Coke, who lived from 1552 to 1634, has explained why the term mortgage comes from the Old French words mort, "dead," and gage, "pledge."

It seemed to him that it had to do with the doubtfulness of whether or not the mortgagor will pay the debt.

If the mortgagor does not, then the land pledged to the mortgagee as security for the debt "is taken from him forever, and so dead to him upon condition.

And if he doth pay the money, then the pledge is dead as to the mortgagee.

I raise this point with the following thought in mind.
If you are holding bonds from Greece, probably Spain, Portugal, Ireland or Argentina (among others)
the states of California, New York, Michigan or Illinois (among others),
or maybe the cities of Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, Pontiac,
or maybe the Detroit Public Schools,
You're dead.
Sorry Honey!!!

Our new personal hero

Submitted by Roanman on Fri, 10/07/2011 - 11:28


Warning, this video contains seriously vulgar language.

If you don't want to hear it, just keep moving.

Having said that, let me say this. 

My ribs ache and if this guy were running for President, I'd think hard about it.

And so might the little wiffer.



Thanks to everybody for all the video, we're on it.


To Quote Presidential Candidate, Congressman Dr. Ron Paul

Submitted by Roanman on Fri, 08/12/2011 - 17:25


“Believe me, the next step is a currency crisis because there will be a rejection of the dollar, the rejection of the dollar is a big, big event, and then your personal liberties are going to be severely threatened...

It is true that liberty is not free, nor is it easy.

But tyranny – even varying degrees of it – is much more difficult, and much more expensive.

The time has come to rein in the federal government, put it on a crash diet, and let the people keep their money and their liberty...

When the federal government spends more each year than it collects in tax revenues, it has three choices: It can raise taxes, print money, or borrow money.

While these actions may benefit politicians, all three options are bad for average Americans...we cannot stand against big government at home while supporting it abroad.

We cannot talk about fiscal responsibility while spending trillions on occupying and bullying the rest of the world.

We cannot talk about the budget deficit and spiraling domestic spending without looking at the costs of maintaining an American empire of more than 700 military bases in more than 120 foreign countries.

We cannot pat ourselves on the back for cutting a few thousand dollars from a nature preserve or an inner-city swimming pool at home while turning a blind eye to a Pentagon budget that nearly equals those of the rest of the world combined.”



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