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Parkinson's Law

Submitted by Roanman on Wed, 03/30/2011 - 19:57


In November of 1955 C. Northcote Parkinson published a fairly short, and whimsical ... I'm trying to suck you into reading the thing here ... essay for The Economist which began as follows,

"It is a commonplace observation that work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion."

Those words quickly became known/famous as "Parkinson's Law"

I was disappointed to discover "Parkinson's Law" having in the late 90's thought to have discovered and expressed this idea so perfectly myself ..... as follows,

"Crap expands to fill available space."

I called it "Roany's Rule".

I live in a relatively small house on a pretty big lot with my little packrat of a Wiffer, three boys, two weiners and an aussie.

And as you might expect, it is jam packed with crap.

I could easily afford two or three times the house that I have now, and as a matter of fact, we own three hundred or so front feet on the river only about a half a mile from here, along with a full blown set of plans for a house about twice the size of the one I'm writing from now and three fairly old but probably still good quotes to build it.

I have not built it ... yet ... for two reasons;

1.  Cheap bastard ... the thought that I'm upside down about a hundred and twenty five grand the instant I turn the key irritates me to no end.

2.  I'm not completely certain that I want any more crap.

So anyway, I'm sitting here last night pondering the fact of my being a cheap bastard along with my lack of appetite for more crap, when it all came clear.

Roany's Rule ..... Ok Ok ..... Parkinson's Law.

The simple reason you never, ever, under any set of circumstances, ever ... never ......... neverever ... raise taxes.


Government expands to consume available income.



Why Roanman?

Submitted by Roanman on Mon, 02/07/2011 - 19:46


David N. over at the facebook page for this site has now asked twice, "Why Roanman?"

So ... because David has proven himself to be chronically pleasant, patient and kind, although a little long winded at times, and also because we couldn't come up with anything else to write about tonight, we have decided to indulge him.

From, Roan - Usually said of a horse, having a bay, chestnut, brown or black color with a thick mixture of white or grey hairs sprinkled in.

I started to "roan out" at about 16, and was a full blown roan by about 35.

The following is a good example of what I call a "bay roan".

Many, maybe most, horse people might call this color red roan, as whoever named him sure did.

This is Red Roan Raider, he was a sire of very nice ranch horses and the occasional good rope horse.

I rode one a little and really liked him.

Click on the photo to go to Deckert Quarter Horses, the ranch where he stood at stud.




 Next is 1995 futurity Champion, and prolific sire of cutting horses, Peptoboonsmal.

Now this is what I call a red roan.

Again, click the photo to visit his site.

I have a yearling stud colt I'll be riding next winter by one of his better sons.


This is Peptoboonsmal's dam, Royal Blue Boon, one of the greatest producing mares in the history of the breed with 14 or 17 babies that earned somewhere north of $2,600,000 in the cutting pen, and a great example of a blue roan.

Click on the photo below to go to her tribute page at Larry Hall Cutting Horses, where she spent most of her life.


And just in case your not yet sick of me going on and on about horses ..... again, here's a 20 second video of Royal Blue Boon showing at the 1984 super Stakes.



And if that ain't enough for ya, here's a photo of her two cloned daughters, also blue roans, which links up to press release from Viagen (The Cloning Company) ... seriously ... about Royal Blue Boon being the first ever cloned mare.


When will you learn David ..... when will you learn.


Just who do you think we are anyway?

Submitted by Roanman on Wed, 02/02/2011 - 18:32


Our politics having recently been called into question ..... twice. (we were accused of being Republicans)

And complaints regarding an overall lack of output, aside from the usual (some have said annoying ... you know who you are) glib commentary that frequently accompanies our compiling, having also been registered ..... now three times.

We will get up off of our dead ass, offer our thoughts, and ask you,

"Just who do you think we are anyway?"

In no particular order, we think:

Both of these wars are stupid.  They were poorly conceived and have been poorly executed from the very beginning.  When it is all said and done, all that will have been accomplished is a colossal waste of our nations wealth, which includes the lives and limbs of the best young people this country has to offer.  If we are unwilling to do what is necessary to win a war, we should simply get the hell out.

The idea of nation building is stupid.  The nation we need to be building is this one.  If we do a proper job of that, people will emulate us.

Spending good money defending Europe, Japan and South Korea is stupid.  They are perfectly capable of defending themselves if they so choose.  American troops in Brussels, Berlin, Okinawa, Seoul, or for that matter anywhere other than home, do not make us safer in any way.

Spending good money defending Arab despots is stupid.  We don't need their oil, we have coal and natural gas to go for a long, long, long ..... long time.  We like Israel a lot, and as much as it pains us, have to agree with Dick Morris.  We think there's a tidy profit to be had selling Isreal weaponry sufficient to fry damn near every Muslim on this earth.  We also think that the demise of The House of Saud, and Hosni Mubarek even if it resulted in militant Sunni theocracies would go a long way toward getting Muslim minds off of us and Israel as Sunnis would soon start eyeballing Shiites and vice versa.  Let them exercise their bloodlust on each other.

By the way, our energy policy is stupid.  Four out of every ten rows of planted corn goes toward the production of ethanol. People are going hungry all around the world while we waste food on the production of a way highly subsidized fuel we don't need.  Hitler ran damn near his entire economy while at war using gasified coal.  American employment would explode as a result of our converting our energy use away from crude oil to natural gas and gasified coal.  Cash flow to Arab and Persian dictatorships would decline dramatically ... hey hey.  Cash flow to fascist Russia would decline some as well ... hee hee.

With regards to "Global Warming" now called "Climate Change' as has been stated here many times ...

We have no manufacturing policy at all and desperately need one.

We don't give a rat's ass what you do in the privacy of your own home, and with regards to gay people in the military, as has also been stated here many times ...

We believe in a woman's right to keep her knees together.  There are at least a half a dozen ways to have sex where pregnancy is a physical impossibility.  We know what you're thinking here as we too were both stunned and delighted at this revelation, but it's true.  We also know that it ain't fair to women, but we're men and quite frankly don't care that much, besides there's not a damn thing we can do about it anyway, and ..... as has already been so elegantly stated, that decision was made "well above our pay grade".  Life begins at conception.

And since we're on the subject, our system of taxation is an abortion.  We tax work and saving while subsidizing consumption, and then wonder why the hell we're broke.

And finally we think that the best government is that which resides nearest your house.  The worst is that which lives the furthest away.  This is why the Federal Government is failing us so profoundly, and why international government is a chronic disaster.

So ............... just who do you think we are anyway?

And just so you know, nuts, morons, idiots and assholes have already been taken.

Since you asked

Submitted by Roanman on Fri, 10/15/2010 - 14:44


Almost nobody who visits is aware of the fact that we (really I) have two pretty distinct readerships.

The first being the group that's been around either from the very beginning (chain letter days) or who know me from having done business together.

Most of those people who have been around here for a while now, know that when it comes to the economy, current events, investing and whathaveyou, for the most part, I only read the most disturbing stuff available.

They find this to be a major league hoot, but they dial in because they know I'm paying attention.

For the most part, they like the quotes, the stories, the music and the random stuff well enough, but they stop by to find out what their Uncle Roany read last Sunday morning, and what if anything, he intends to do about it.

Which is not to say that they actually follow the Roanman's lead.

Noooooooo ............ really only a paltry few even tipi-toe into those waters where Uncle Roany both routinely and gracefully demonstrates his can opener.

The other and growing group have found this site via Facebook.

They like the quotes and the fact that the Roanman's faithful servant mostly endeavors to keep it light and respectful.

These people are for the most part what I call civilians.

They have all kinds of interesting lives, they care about all kinds of interesting stuff, but with few exceptions, they are not the kind of dedicated street types that originally started passing around those letters that caused me to want to do this site in the first place.

As an aside, most or all or the original letters are long missing having gone to Terry D's to die.

Anyway, David N. showed up pretty early at the Facebook page for JustThinking and has been nothing but an asset, and a very pleasant contributor.

This afternoon, he made the dreadful mistake of asking what could possibly be making the Roanman crabby.

Then, he really screwed up, "Care to share? he asked.

You are about to learn a valuable lesson here David.

From Doug Casey this time at Whiskey and Gunpowder


“The national debt should be defaulted on for several reasons.

“To start with, once the U.S. government defaults on its debt, people will think twice before lending it any more money; giving politicians the ability to borrow is like giving a teenager a bottle of whisky and the keys to a Corvette. A second reason is that the debt is an albatross around the necks of the next several generations; it's criminal to make indentured servants out of people who aren't even born yet. A third reason would be to overtly punish those who have been lending money to the government, enabling it to do all the stupid and destructive things that the government does with that money.

“The debt will be defaulted on one way or another. The trouble is they're almost certainly going to default on it through inflation, by destroying the currency, which is much worse than defaulting on it overtly. That's because inflation will wipe out the relatively few people who are prudent in this country, those who are actually saving money. Because they generally save in the form of dollars, they're going to wipe them out financially.

“It's just horrible. Runaway inflation will reward the profligates who are in debt-people who've been living above their means. And punish the producers who've been saving and trying to build capital. That's in addition to the fact it will destroy millions of productive enterprises. A runaway inflation is the worst thing that can happen to a society, short of a major war. They just should default on it honestly, as it were.

“…Americans have to learn that the government isn't ‘us’. It's an entity that has its own interests, its own life, its own agenda. It views citizens as milk cows-or perhaps even beef cows- strictly as a means to its ends.

“…To pay interest on the national debt, and to pay for additional spending, all the Federal Reserve has to do is buy bonds from the U.S. government. It doesn't have to stabilize at all. The government is most unlikely to cut back on its spending, most of which has become part of the social fabric- Medicare, Social Security, unemployment benefits, food stamps, corporate bailouts, continuing foreign wars, domestic 'security'...These people are crazy enough that it could get like Germany in the '20s or Zimbabwe afew years ago.

“At the moment we're in an economic twilight zone or, if you wish, the eye of a hurricane. There is apparent stability in the economy. The stock market's high. The bond market's high. Only the real estate market is in visible trouble. Retail prices are level; they're not going up and maybe they're even going down in some cases. This is a temporary situation. We will inevitably-and soon-hit the other side of the storm. At some point those trillions of dollars created by the U.S. government-and many other governments around the world have created trillions of currency units-are going to have an effect. When will that be? The timing is uncertain. But I think it's going to be soon.

“If these things were perfectly predictable, it would be easier to dodge the bullet. This is an almost unique time in world economic history, and I think we're not only going to have economic consequences, but social and political consequences, and very likely military consequences. So hold on to your hat.

“…I think it will be a generation before American real estate is a solid buy again. And the world at large will likely have quite a different character then…

“As to what's going to happen over the next few years, I feel confident that we've entered upon the Greater Depression in earnest. It will be an extended period of time when most people's standard of living drops significantly…

“…The Chinese know that one of the reasons Mao took over is because the government of Chiang Kai-shek destroyed the national currency. The Chinese can see the problems with the U.S. dollar. That it could blow up in their hands. They also see the problems they're creating for themselves by creating trillions of new renminbi. So I think that they're encouraging the average guy in the street to do some saving with gold so that if things go sideways with these paper currencies, the average guy isn't left too destitute and too angry. At least he'll have some gold coins. I think they're being quite intelligent about encouraging their people to buy gold…Everybody knows that the Communist Party in China is nothing but a scam for its members to cream something off the top of everything. It's ludicrous to say China is a communist country. It's easier to do business in China than it is in the U.S.-lower taxes, less regulation, less legal hassles. In point of fact, the Chinese are reverting to the mean. For many centuries, up until the Industrial Revolution, China was much wealthier than the West. Now it's rising again.

“As far as the United States is concerned, unfortunately it's going the other way. The issue has nothing to do with democracy. Democracy is just mob rule dressed up in a sports coat. It's much overrated. The U.S. government is becoming more powerful, and the U.S. is radically departing from the economic philosophy of free markets that made it great. It's simultaneously becoming more politically repressive. The Chinese are just reverting to their traditional economic philosophy, which is not communism, it's capitalist trade and production…”


What's crabbing me out David, is that with the possible exception of a few random points, I'm absolutely certain that Mr. Casey has it right.

I would very definately prefer to be wrong about Mr. Casey being right, because .................. if he is right, a lot of good people are going to just get crushed.




Submitted by Roanman on Wed, 07/21/2010 - 08:18


When someone signs up as a user at this site, I send out an email to thank them and explain that there is absolutely no benefit at all associated with signing in here excepting that you can now post a comment (which nobody does anyway).

Well, it seems that there is a second feature that I had not thought of in that new users get to capture my email address.

Evidently, one of you forwarded my thank you through to your mom.

And your mom (Shelly) loves it here.

So yesterday, I'm at the tail end of clearing up the debris that had piled up during a two week vacation (almost three weeks actually if you count the week spent accomplishing damn near nothing while staring blankly at my screen thinking about being gone), when I decided to cruise through my junk email box to see if something worthy might be sitting there.

"Hmmmm." I say, "What's a Shelly?"

I'm not going to take up your time going into all the nice things Shelly had to say about the site ... the wit, the obvious intelligence, the great writing, etc.

Although I could, having memorized the entire note.

Shelly ended her note by asking, "Why are you doing this?"

"Hmmmm." I say yet again. "Why indeed?"



Just Thinking is where I decide what I think and what I believe.


I used to keep notebooks.

I save ideas, research, random crap that I think could amount to something someday, lists, quotes, etc.

Then, as computers became more useful, folders (I have folders holding folders of folders holding folders).

Then, as the internet bloomed, links.

I'm sure you believe me when I tell you, "I got the links".

Just Thinking is where I try it all out.

I grind around out there until something shows up.

When something I think has a chance finally pops up, I test it.

I grind around some more and honestly try to blow it up.

The more it fits into my world view, the harder I try to blow it up.

I'm not asking anybody to believe me on that one.

I write it down in my own hand (so to speak), stare at it a good long while ..... until I decide if I think it's true.

If I hit the publish button, you can be certain, I'm certain.

Now, the fact of my certainty does not necessarily mean that I think I'm always right, it just means that I'm certain.

One of my very favorite features when it comes to me, has to do with the fact that if I think I'm wrong, I just change my mind, and in so doing, become right.

While all the while, remaining certain.

To quote George Bernard Shaw one more time.


And thank you Shelly for your kind words.


Comments on an editorial comment

Submitted by Roanman on Mon, 07/19/2010 - 17:50


My little editorial inspired pretty close to twenty emails, about that number again in calls, two face to face conversations, and not one lousy posted comment.


Out of probably forty total responses, thirty nine disagreed (mostly strenuously) about that part having to do with returning our troops to our shores, and retiring from providing military for the rest of the world's defense.

My very, very long time friend Terry D. was my single supporter.

Which made me laugh out loud, as I had told my secretary not more than a month ago that I could think of only one issue in over 35 years where Terry and I had not been in complete agreement ..... that exception of course being his first wife.

He did come around to my way of thinking on that one sometime after it was just too damn late.

His defense on this particular subject consists mostly of his accusation that all I had to say amounted to just a lot of "mumbling under my breath" and that had I felt that strongly about it, I should have just manned up and spoke out on the subject, and ..... in light of that fact that I didn't, I need to just shut up.

But I digress. 

My personal chef, Kelly doesn't want nuclear weapons to fall into the wrong hands as that could result in disaster.

Dougy F. wasn't totally disagreeing, but he did worry that if we scrapped out the offensive weaponry, "we will need it when the rest of the world falls into total chaos."  Then, "after a couple of years we can go in and clean up whatever is left and run it right".

T.G. finds the idea of "surrendering" to Islam to be unthinkable.

Tommy ? believes my plan would leave a vacuum, which as we all know nature abhors, that would likely be filled by the Chinese.

I mostly don't disagree with that one.

I also mostly don't care.

Japan, Russia and India have a lot of history with China.

All three of them will almost instantaneously start to rethink the way they go about their business.

Japan in particular will most likely get after developing a military that can deter Chinese aspirations.

Getting out of Europe is the best thing that can happen to us, if for no other reason than instead of supporting continental economies with American tax dollars, we will be supporting the local communities that are home to our military people.

You guys want a European Union?

Your gonna need to throw in the cost of defending it.

I'll admit to a twinge of guilt with regards to the British.

They are a great friend and ally (pretty much from the day they stopped attacking us).

Leaving them with the French seems cold.

But alas .....

What about Israel?

I'll cheerfully sell them missiles and warheads sufficient to roast anyone, anywhere that might think they want a go.

It's called "mutually assured destruction" and it's been working like a charm .............. so far.


Here's the issue as I see it.

We have within our capabilities the power to win any war we fight.

Including this war with Islam (not radical Islam) (or terror) that we are presently involved in.

The way to win it is to decide to win it.

I'll say it again.


The way to win this war is to decide to win it.



Understand now, this means going to war with the intent of killing everybody you can find and breaking everything you see until your enemy surrenders under your terms.

Wanna take Kandahar (Qandahar) Province?

Carpet bomb Kandahar (Qandahar) City.

Kill em all, break everything there (that's about 470,000 people, about 40 times that in sheep and goats), reduce it to rubble, then make that rubble bounce.

When you're finished there, move on up the road to Spin Bolduk.

Can you imagine the uproar?

The UN would be going nuts, people would be screaming about war crimes.

They'd spend hundreds of hours happily debating language for the non binding resolution condemning the action.

Now, just to make the point that you're no longer fooling around, move north to Khost (only about 160,000 people), continue the proceedure.

Every couple days, take the morning off from the bombs, and drop leaflets around the rest of Afghanistan which read as follows.


Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior?


Kidding ..... sort of.

Send copies to Mahmoud Ahmadinijad, Mullah Ali Khamenei, the entire Iranian Parliment, Bashar al-Assaad (President of Syria), Hamas and Hezballah.

When the calls come in wanting to negotiate some peace, forget to return them for a couple of days.

Set up the appointment for sometime around the end of next month.

Then stay busy.

You've just won your war.

And here's the best part, not one American mother's son has been lost.

Seem harsh?

I offer a series of letters from the month of September 1864 between Generals Hood, Halleck and William Tecumseh Sherman of the Union Army and the Mayor and members of the Atlanta City Council prior to the destruction of Atlanta.

These letters should be read by every citizen of this country.

Hell, they should be read by every citizen of the world.

They are reasonably short, to the point and with regards to General Sherman's final reply to Mayor Calhoun (go ahead, just scroll to the end), contain extraordinary wisdom.

Click on the gears.

Do it now, you're not doing anything important.



Now, it is my strongly held opinion that we are unwilling to do any of that.

And I say, that if we are unwilling to do what's necessary to win, and by win I mean force an unconditional surrender on our enemy, completely on our terms, what the hell is it that we are sacrificing the lives of our children for?

Our thinking here is that by invading someone else's country and keeping our military there to enforce our will, our enemy will soon grow fond of us, and want to become just like us.

Dwell on that one for just a moment.

Let's say just for fun someone else had the military power to successfully invade America with the same thinking.

What would you likely do.

My opinion is that a mess of people would roll over in the beginning, but another group would make it their personal business to kill and/or maim every foreigner they stumbled across ..... and then hide.

That's called Guerilla War.

It works pretty good.

Then what happens is your foreigners start getting frustrated and start killing people indiscriminately.

Which of course would include and subsequently enrage them that had previously rolled over.

Which would ultimately cause unacceptable casualties among the invaders as the formerly rolled over, now join in.

Which would ultimately result in your foreigner's withdrawal after an enormous toll was extracted from everyone.

So .....

Whoa whoa whoa .... wait a minute, isn't that exactly what you're proposing above?

Aren't you advocating indiscriminate killing out of frustration?

Nope, I'm just sayin' that if you want to win this thing, you're gonna have to get brutal.

If you're unwilling to get brutal, your gonna lose, and a bunch of your own will have been sacrificed for nothing.

My idea with regards to war is simple.

I'm disinterested in my enemy learning to like me, admiring me, or wanting to grow up to be just like me.

In this particular instance, I have little interest in walking off into the sunset arm in arm with my Muslim brother.

I think the entire concept of "nation building" is stupid.

After this is over, I'll be glad to do some business if he wants ... and there's a profit in it.

My idea is simply to make sure that everybody understands, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if you attack America, we're gonna come by for a visit, f&#$ you up real bad, and then leave.

Here's my ......

Whoa Whoa aren't you gonna piss off them that would have rolled over anyway?


The difference here is that there aren't any Americans hanging around town waiting to be killed in retribution.

If I go, I'm "raining death and destruction" and then going somewhere real double tough for my enemy to get at me .... home.

The only guys hanging around to vent on will be the very guys that started the whole mess in the first place.

Poetic, ain't it.

Hey, they're just gonna attack us here.

Maybe, but they're doing that now.

And if/when they do, whether they are successful or thwarted, I would spend some time looking into who's responsible, and/or profited, and when my list is complete, go ape-shit crazy on everything they know.

The notion of "proportional response" should become, as they say, "another casualty of war".


The only real edge Islam has is the fact that everybody is pretty damn sure they're crazy.

Print a cartoon, they cut off your head.

Proportional doesn't register in the Islamic mind.

And for that reason, pretty much everybody is scared of em.

I believe it's a good thing when your enemy thinks you're crazy.

Makes em think twice ..... if not thrice.


My clear preference is to have my enemy think I'm crazy.

And the best part is, I'm going to have almost all my guys here at home where they belong, playing defense and helping out with thwartation.


You get only two choices with any chance of success in this kind of business.

Go to win, or don't even start.

Unfortunately we have attempted the "third way".

Just ask yourself here. "What do we really want?"

What I really want is for Islam to stop attacking the World Trade Center and killing innocent people.

I'd prefer it if Islam would play nice with Israel, but if Islam doesn't want to, the consequences are theirs.

If Israel chooses to make certain of it's survival as a jewish state?

(Should jewish be capitalized?)

Well ..... I can certainly understand that one.

Our decisions up to now have only resulted in the tragic destruction of our very best young people and a colossal waste of our resources.

If you're gonna fight the damn war, the idea is to effect the tragic demise and colossal waste on your enemy, and his resources.

If you're not up to it, leave it alone.

Apologies for the very long post, I'm well rested.


I'm back, and better than ever

Submitted by Roanman on Sun, 07/18/2010 - 10:07


I can't remember any vacation remotely like this one.

To say that The Thumb of Michigan is slow, is to exaggerate in the extreme.

The cottage I mooched sits dead between Port Austin and Caseville at the northern tip of The Thumb and as such allows for a spectacular view of both the sunrise and sunset over Lake Huron.

The sun moves in a near perfect U around the cottage from about 3 o'clock at sunrise, to behind you at noon, and then sets at about 9 o'clock, at about 9 o'clock.

I caught both every day, coming and going.

Took my nap about 11.

The days' highlights were pretty much limited to sunrise, blueberry pancakes, adventure golf, nap, a walk, dinner, sunset, bonfire.



The occasional trip on the rope swing.

There was only lousy internet service anywhere nearby.

I failed to open any one of the eight books I brought.

As for scorekeeping.

Spain wins the world cup in a very ugly final, earning me a tidy little profit.

Treasuries are booming and thus kicking the crap out of my short position.

The stock market and gold are, in the grand scheme of things, pretty much where I left them.

With regards to "The Bradley Model" and "the summer of doom", the Cardinal Cross begins to perfect itself late this week.

I'll update charts and address another record breaking run of calls and emails tomorrow.

I missed you too.

In the interest of full disclosure, these are very, very, very small records we're breaking here.


Up North

Submitted by Roanman on Thu, 07/01/2010 - 06:32


I'm heading out for a two week vacation.

Usually, The Little Wiffer insists on a vacation spent if not at the full 90 mph, a for sure 60.

This time we'll be mostly hanging out at a friends cottage.

I may post a little if I can obtain a consistent connection, but I'm making no promises.

For purposes of score keeping, as of this writing, Serbia is out of the World Cup, and I'm out a hundred.

Spain is still alive as is my other hundred.

The "Head and Shoulders" top in US treasury debt never broke through the neckline and resumed it's climb, putting me upside down on my short there.

I'd give damn near anything to know how to get a good chart out of MetaStock two times in a row.

I'm still holding that trade as it has a very long fuse.

With regards to "The Bradley Model" and "the summer of doom", the jury is still out.

The Dow Jones Industrial average is forming the same Head and Shoulders top pattern that let me down so despicably with the Ten Year Treasuries.

I'm up some on my shorts, but would prefer to be completely wrong on this one as many (most) of my best friends are ignoring my pleas.

I'm short a little, they're long a bunch.

In the interest of full disclosure, if I were short a bunch, I'd probably be demonstrating a far less charitable attitude toward my friend's finances.

I've posted below a very nice vid of my very favorite band of the last 20 years, BR5-49.

Category, "Nothing To Do With Anything" is now the go to archive for all the video that's been posted here.

Enjoy your Fourth of July weekend, and as always, be reminded of the wisdom of Sgt. Phil Esterhaus.



The following is an editorial comment

Submitted by Roanman on Mon, 06/28/2010 - 15:56


Chad Selweski, the local columnist for The Macomb Daily, published an opinion piece in Sunday's edition of that newspaper the beginning of which follows below.

The point of the article being that issues having to do with the deficit are extraordinarily difficult, and the real problem with Tea Party types being that they want to enjoy the services provided by government, they just don't want to pay for them.

Click anywhere below to read the entire article.


I wonder how our local Tea Party activists spent their Saturday afternoon.

How many took advantage of yesterday’s national forum, a teleconference held in 19 cities (including Detroit) and for thousands of individuals online, to seek solutions to the nation’s bulging budget deficit?

Organized by a nonpartisan group, AmericaSpeaks, the unprecedented event provided a sobering view of our country’s $13 trillion debt and the limited options facing Congress if it tries to tackle the problem.


The op-ed ends as follows:


Much of this entire fiscal responsibility issue centers on arithmetic, not politics.


The following is my reply.


To begin with .....

I'm not a member of any Tea Party affiliate.

I do like them and will support them.

I belong to no organized political party, I'm a Libertarian ..... probably.

Having said that.

Here are some ideas which if applied would probably enable principal payments on the deficit in year 1.

Not necessarily in this order.


1.  Remove all American troops and military bases from foreign soil, excepting those troops stationed within embassies.

Leave NATO, abandon Okinawa, and allow Europe, Japan, The House of Saud etc. to defend themselves.

American military personnel are presently posted on some 760 military sites within 63 countries.

I haven't checked it today, but most years our military budget has exceeded that of the rest of the world combined.

Europe is cutting military spending in response to their deficits because we defend them.

Europe, Japan and the rest of the world needs to defend itself.

Their defense ain't our job.

We need to maintain fearsome defensive military power.

We do not need offensive military weaponry such as carrier groups (they are nothing more than big assed targets anyway), long range bombers, etc.

Scrap half of them out.

We do not need to be maintaining military bases on foreign soil, anywhere.

And we damn sure don't need to be defending foreign despots while allowing them to abuse their own people.

Ya listening Faisel?

As an aside.

While you're at it, reduce our payment to the United Nations to a pro-rata share.

Those guys are hopelessly corrupt and largely a waste of skin.


2.  Raise the retirement age to 67 and 71.

From 1950 to 2005, life expectancy for an American male has increased from 65.47 to 75.2 years while the median retirement age has decreased from 66.9 years to 61.7 years.

At it's inception there were 41.9 workers per Social Security beneficiary, we are now pushing toward 3 workers per beneficiary.

As you would expect, we now have over 50 million beneficiaries, 10 million of which are collecting Social Security benefits for disabilities.

While we're on the subject, reviewing every last disability claimant seems prudent.


3.  Rather than paying 100% of medical costs for medicare and medicaid recipients and attempting to fix costs by legislation, provide for the federal government to reimburse 67% of all health care costs for those eligible for medicare and medicaid benefits.

Prudence will reign by virtue of people now being responsible for a third of their own medical expenses.

They can insure or not, negotiate or not, get care or not, but the fact that a third of the cost is skin (so to speak) will save a ton of money and probably improve care.

If you're flat broke, charities can and will pick up the slack.

Hell, you might be able to provide 30% to maybe 50% coverage for everybody else under that kind of an arrangement and still come out ahead.

And while we're on the subject.


4. Loser pays.

As a sop to my many and dear attorney friends, limiting liability is nonsense, but nuisances gotta pay.


5. Deduct the first $20,000 of income for every individual and corporate taxpayer, and apply a flat 20% tax on every dime of income thereafter, from every source, cash as well as the cash value of benefits.

End all payroll taxes, they're going into the general fund anyway.

Remove all deductions for mortgage interest, charitable contributions (Americans give because Americans give, the deduction is gravy ... lose it), IRA's, dependants, state and local taxes, depreciation, depletion ..... and every other damn thing.


Bigger incomes pay higher taxes.

Identical incomes pay identical taxes.

Account across the board, Cash in, Cash out.

While you're at it require public companies to account to shareholders exactly as they account to the IRS.

Businesses acquiring buildings and capital equipment can write purchases off in the year acquired (the economy will boom), that's cash out.  If buildings and equipment are sold or scrapped later on, that's cash in.  

Removing mortgage interest as a deductible item will cause huge problems in such a debt infested environment, and as such would probably have to be phased, do it as ruthlessly as possible.

In the interest of financing growth, you probably want interest to be a deductible item for business adventures, but not against personal income, you want to prohibit the LLC from buying the homestead, or at least deducting the mortgage interest.

Dividends should be a deduction at the corporate level (cash out) and income to the recipient (cash in) at the ordinary rate. 

Income from federal debt should be taxed at the same rate as all other income.

Capital gains should be taxed at the same rate as all other income.


6.  Close the Commerce Department, the Department of Education, and HUD, as well as the Department of Homeland Security (it's a joke).

Somebody has been stealing from HUD my entire adult life.

End it.


7.  Sell Fanny, Freddie, Ginnie Mae and whatever acronym handles student loans.

Never guarantee or imply a guarantee of anything or anybody, to anybody, ever again.


8.  Legalize it!  Then tax it.


9.  Tax foreign oil at the border ... big time.

Develop gasified coal (it worked for Hitler, it'll work for us), along with nuclear, wind, solar, etc.


10.  Invest a little money and finish the fence.

Invest a little more to find and deport every last illegal residing in this country.

While you're at it fine employers of illegals, while significantly reducing unemployment benefits.

Think it through.

Jobs will come open, wages will probably increase with subsequent increases in tax revenues and reductions in federal expenses.

That Compton might have to drive out to the fields and pick a little lettuce is a also good thing.


You may choose to disagree with individual items, but that there be one helluva start.

Do the arithmetic!!!

People should listen to their Uncle Roany ... I got answers.



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