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August 6, 2010

Submitted by Roanman on Fri, 08/06/2010 - 06:27


You will remember from previous discussions, Green is good, Red is bad, Purple isn't terrible, but it ain't all that helpful either.

Oopsies, no Green!!!!! 


From my friend Richard Nolle,

"The workplace shooting in Connecticut and the school massacre in China, the fires in California, Canada and Russia, the border skirmish between Israel and Lebanon, the grenade tossed at Iranian President Ahmadinejad, the riots in Karachi, Kashmir and Dhaka, and a rash of crashes including today’s multivehicle pile-up (including two packed school buses) in Missouri: it’s the stuff of headlines all month so far. It’s also, pretty much word for word, the stuff of my August forecast, published last month: 

The fires, crashes, clashes and explosions that accompanied theMars-Saturn conjunction of late July are bound to continue well into August, with the Red Planet and the Ringed Planet staying so close in alignment for so long. Arguably, because it feeds into the Great T-Square pattern (which include Venus, up to mid-month), this looks to be more or less continuous through the 13th, with peaks around the 1st and 13th. It’s a cycle that operates at the individual as well as collective levels, from domestic violence and accidents to riots and rampages to spectacular mass-transport crashes; from spree killings and mass murders to military and paramilitary clashes. No global thermonuclear war stuff shows up, just threats and probes, surgical strikes and strategic assassinations, war lords and drug cartels mowing each other down . . . “ 


Now, the argument can been made that this kind of stuff goes on all the time, and I mostly agree.

Except at this instant it all feels a lot more intense to me.

In my little community, the little blind guy who has been walking around town for probably 20 years without incident was attacked by a gang of our local idiots, beaten with his own cane, and robbed.

My young friend Evan's dog was attacked by an enraged Muskrat.

Now, that don't happen everyday.

With regards to "The Bradley Model" as it pertains to the Stock Market?

Not so much.

More on that, Saturday.

And just in case, keep keeping your head on a swivel.