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The Cardinal Cross of 2010, August 13

Submitted by Roanman on Wed, 08/11/2010 - 13:04


If you recall from previous discussions .......... any of the tags below will take you to the entire series of posts.

Green is good, Red is bad, Purple isn't terrible, but it ain't all that great either.

Just one lonely little green dot where Saturn, The Moon, Venus and Mars conjunct (sharing about 6 degrees of space).



I've received well over a hundred emails on the Bradley/Cardinal Cross/Summer of Doom postings.

As usual, nobody has had the stones to comment here, not even the heretofor praised Kluck.

It has been fun to evaluate the responses with what I know about the responders.

Oh yes, you are all being evaluated ........... constantly.

Form mostly has held.

Mockers have mocked, skeptics have skepted.


The more serious of my Christian friends at this site (a clear majority) have been a little startled by the biblical references that have been ........... ummmmm ............ referenced.


While the markets have mostly held, and maybe even strengthened some ........... so far.

The one thing that cannot be denied is that madness is everywhere, some of it mostly expected, some of it just flat out off the wall.

But madness is mostly always just around the corner, isn't it?

Of course.


The Earth itself has been behaving badly.

We've had massive fires, massive floods, mud slides, earthquakes, and oppressive heat everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

We've had a record freeze kill millions of tropical fish in the Southern Hemisphere.

Now we have the Sun firing up and bombarding planet Earth with "a coronal mass ejection".

I keep thinking I might like to have one of those for myself.

But,this kind of stuff is always going on, right?



But has it ever felt this intense?

Have you ever felt the fear this thick?

Among my favorites of the several dozen platitudes I like to throw around is,

"Feelings are a lie".

The follow up statement being, "Have you ever had some feeling about a certain set of circumstances that proved to be just completely incorrect?"

Of course ...............


............. But then again.

To quote any number of the first generation Dago contractors I've known and loved,

"Ima don't know. Ya know?"