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What the hell is a Libertarian anyway?

Submitted by Roanman on Thu, 01/26/2012 - 07:10


I found this quote over at our friend Cheri P's facebook page the other day and can't source it.

If indeed source is a verb.

Among my final efforts to put a name to this quote, I called Terry D. who despite his claims of busyness and hard work is even less engaged by his employment than I am ..... and I'm retired.

My foolish thought being that he might be able/willing to provide some small help.

But nooooooooo!!!!!

In the middle of that conversation Terry asked the above question and then once again and as usual, suggested that I should look into it.

I'm pretty sure he sort of knows, just as I sort of know, but would like to have a more perfect understanding provided for him.

I'm pretty busy at the moment myself, but did find and attach a link to the quote below that will take you to a primer at

I'll probably explore it some over the weekend.