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Submitted by Roanman on Sun, 09/02/2012 - 08:46


Among the many, many, many projects of multiple Grammy winner Gastavo Santaolalla, the Bajofondo Tango Club is my hands down favorite.

The Bajofondo Tango Club, now simply Bajofondo, with their eclectic mix of tango, trip hop, house and whathaveyou stands among the most accomplished of the Electrotango groups that have brought Tango back into the mainstream of dance music and worldwide popular culture.

This is Gustavo Santaolalla on what I'm thinking is a Carvin, Fred Holdsworth headless guitar, DJ Juan Campodónico playing the triggered sequences, Luciano Supervielle on piano and scratching, Martín Ferrés playing the bandoneón, Verónica Loza is the video jockey and vocals, Javier Casalla playing the violin, Gabriel Casacuberta on bass and Adrian Sosa on the drums.