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Buy Gold but be careful

Submitted by Roanman on Mon, 03/26/2012 - 17:40


From ABC Bullion who wants to sell you some "safe" Gold

It seems the price of Gold has reached the point where it may be economically feasable to go to the trouble of acquiring a sizable bar, probably at least a kilo, a 5 kilo bar would be even better, drill it out, insert tungston rods and move it on out to some unsuspecting chump.

Tungston has similar properties in terms of mass and weight as does gold.

Two tungston filled bars have been discovered at different locations over the past two years.

The first at the W.C.Heraeus foundry of Hanau, Germany, the world's largest privately owned precious metals refiner and fabricator.

The second was purchased just recently by a scrap dealer in the UK.

Forbes having done a little calling around says that while it's theoretically possible to do this, it's unlikely that anyone would actually go to the trouble.

I'm thinking they need to start thinking about weeding out some dumbass staff over at Forbes.




Meanwhile, I'm over at Ebay pricing out some Tungston rod.

Costs a little more than I thought it might.

I'm thinking demand has spiked along with the price of Gold.

Ok let's see here ..... at .708 lbs per cubic inch, you get a .5"(D) by 36"(L) rod for $429 ..........

Damn, I think I can make this work.


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