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Charlie Chaplin

Chernobyl or Chaplin? ...... Chaplin.

Submitted by Roanman on Thu, 04/26/2012 - 18:34


My mood is being affected by the relentless, endless bad crap I've been reading lately.

The little wiffer suggests that maybe my mental health would improve were I to just spend a couple hours on the couch with her, watching Little House on the Prairie and Waltons reruns.

I dunno ....... maybe if she were naked.

So anyway, as you won't see below, on this day in history the Chernobyl nuclear tragedy began.

I've had this post hanging around for over a year as last year I forgot I had it until about July and it subsequently was never posted.

So anyway, this morning I pulled it out again and started reading through it having been notified that today was the day by my trusty little tickler program.

"Damn, this is some bleak stuff."

I deleted the whole thing.

Here's Charlie Chaplin from Gold Rush.

Infinitely better than Chernobyl, The Waltons, or Little House on the Prairie.



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