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Howlin Wolf

Submitted by Roanman on Mon, 12/05/2011 - 18:53



Conceived by German jazz publicist Joachim-Ernst Berendt, The American Folk Blues Festival was an annual fall tour of Europe by American blues musicians. 

Jazz having become very popular in Europe, and with rock and roll just beginning to gain a foothold there, the fact that both genres drew influences from the blues caused Berendt to think that European audiences would jump at the chance to see live performances by American blues artists.

Promoters Horst Lippmann and Fritz Rau brought Berendt’s idea to fruition by entering into a relationship with the great Willie Dixon that would enable them to book the greatest and most influential of America’s blues musicians.

The first festival was held in 1962.

It continued mostly annually until 1972.

After an eight year hiatus it was revived in 1980 and ran until 1985. 

During the course of these tours, Lippman and Rau were able to arrange very high quality, live in the studio performances by these great artists for German television.

One of which follows here. 

Famed German poster artist Gunther Kieser did the poster art and show bills for the 1964 tour from which the following performance was taken.

Click on the poster to link up to Amazon’s offering of Reelin in the Years Productions’ DVD collection of these historic performances.

Outstanding stuff.

Here’s the great Chester Burnett, also know as Howlin' Wolf on vocals and accoustic guitar, the equally great Hubert Sumlin on the electric guitar, Sunnyland Slim on piano, along with Willie Dixon (who you never see) playing bass, with an introduction from what appears to be a fairly well buzzed Mae Mercer.

Shake for Me.



 It seems we've just completed our second unpaid product endorsement.


Aurora Borealis Again

Submitted by Roanman on Sun, 03/06/2011 - 10:15


In the interest of full disclosure; despite our profound interest in "The Sky", the Sun, Moon, the planets, stars, astronomy, astrology and the like, you can take the entirety of our acquired knowledge regarding these items, put it in a thimble and still have room for an average sized thumb.

Having said that, lots of times when we don't feel like doing what we're supposed to be doing ... at least according to that insufferable nag Terry D. ... we go hang out at

We like the pretty pictures.

Anyway, and evidently, Sunspot activity is picking up again quite nicely, which of course results in the following as described at


AURORA WATCH: A slow-moving coronal mass ejection (CME) launched from the sun on March 3rd should reach Earth later today, possibly sparking polar geomagnetic storms. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras.

SUNSET SKY SHOW: When the sun sets tonight, go outside and look west. Jupiter and the 5% crescent Moon will be side-by-side, shining together through the twilight. It's an exquisite conjunction. [sky map]

All the photo's below link up to the page where we found them, there are tons more ... enjoy.

On March 5th, Peter Rosén caught the Moon, pre-conjunction, smiling over the tree tops of Stockholm, Sweden: 

"The Moon was only 20h40m past 'new' when I took the picture," says Rosén. "It should look even better on Sunday night when it glides past Jupiter."


 When they tell you to be on the lookout for auroras in the northern latitudes, they're talking about this.





Finally, the little Wiffer was standing here while I was going through this post and announced that experiencing the "Northern Lights" was at or near the top of her bucket list.

About 30 seconds of research later, I found these guys.

Click the photo.

At least this time it'll be her fault we're freezing our asses off on vacation.


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