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The Hungry Beast

Submitted by Roanman on Fri, 03/19/2010 - 07:49



The following piece was produced by the Hungry Beast television program.

It runs for just under five minutes, and is worth every second of life you spend watching it.

Hungry Beast is a weekly, topical news program airing on ABC1 in Australia.

In their own words,


"It covers everything from the silly, to the serious, to somewhere in between; always from a different perspective.

Hungry Beast also publishes regular new topical stories exclusively for the web."


Unfortunately, you can't (at least I couldn't) fire up segments from their site, but YouTube has a lot of their work.

Way most highly recommended.

As an aside, this segment is hosted by someone who calls himself Daniel Keogh, but who is in actuality, Bozo T. Clown's secret, illegitimate son Bonzo.



Proof positive you cannot trust "The Press" to get it/anything right.

Thanks to Evan for the above find.


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