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TK-4 Tactical Vehicle

Battle Wagon

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Since we're on the subject of Police shooting bystanders.

Here's a piece from the Palm Beach Post that begs some questions.


Florida Town Buys 9-Ton Emergency TK-4 Tactical Vehicle to “Provide Residents Extra Protection During Hurricanes”

By Bill DiPaolo Palm Beach Post Staff Writer


Weighing 9 tons and capable of withstanding 100-mph winds, a rescue/emergency/communications vehicle bought by the city for $175,000 is expected to provide residents with extra protection during hurricanes and other dangerous situations.

“It’s a great city and regional tool. We used it on several emergency calls here and in other cities in north county,” said Mayor David Levy.

The 20-foot-long All-Hazard Special Response Vehicle, also known as the TK-4, was used by Gardens police on a trial basis for about three weeks in July. Several other South Florida communities considering buying a TK-4 also used the vehicle, said Chris Light, president of Armored Solutions Inc., the Pittsfield, Mass.-based company that manufactures the vehicles.

The TK-4 is now back in Pittsfield where company employees are adding a winch to lift trees and other heavy debris and a night camera. The vehicle should be delivered to Gardens just after Labor Day, Light said.

Palm Beach Gardens Police Chief Stephen Stepp did not return a call for comment.

Forfeiture money was used to pay for the vehicle. The money is collected from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund, which disperses forfeiture money collected by state, local and federal law enforcement agencies.

Up to 10 people can fit inside the vehicle. That will give Gardens flexibility in using the TK-4 to handle different emergencies from SWAT team emergencies to lifting fallen trees, Light said.

“They can get medical, emergency and communications people all in the same vehicle,” he said. “And they can get there fast. The TK-4 can travel at highway speeds.”


Pretty neat stuff eh?

So here's question number 1. How is it that supposed professional newspaper reporter, Bill DiPaolo never bothered to look into some of the other advertized features of the TK-4.

Which features can be easily found by simply typing TK-4 into any search engine and include among others.


 The TK-4 roof hatch has armor piercing shield protection, and ASI’s exterior sniper gun port gives the team a clear view to any impending threat. A rotating turret has a 360° turning radius. The interior sniper step allows easy access to the roof.

  • The TK-4 is standard with ASI’s "outrigger" extended running boards that allow the tactical team additional solid footing while riding on the exterior of the vehicle.

  • An extended rear bumper and electric rear secondary step gives the team easy, quick exit through the rear deployment doors.

  • The TK-4 rear doors swing open easily for quick deployment and lock open at 90°s or 180°s. ASI’s gap shield protection is standard on rear doors for additional shield protection. 

    • All TK-4 front doors have the capability to lock open at a 90° angle as well as a 45° angle allowing the team shield coverage. ASI’s gap shield with armor piercing protection gives complete door coverage at all angles.

      The TK-4 has 11 ASI machined exterior gun ports: 8 standard gun ports and 3 sniper gun ports with a 7” opening for sniper rifles.



  • Here are some of the promo shots and descriptions that didn't make it into Mr. DiPaolo's article.



  • The ASI TK-4 is an armored SWAT vehicle designed to accommodate up to 10 tactical officers. With armor piercing protection, the TK-4 can maintain highway 

    speed, and 4-wheel drive is standard.




  • Rotating Turret w/gun port open. 




  • Adjustable Sniper Step in up position.



I'm starting to want one.


  • The second question that comes to mind is how is it that a local government who supposedly work for the people don't have the balls to disclose these very fine features when anouncing the purchase of their brand new $175,000 vehicle.


  • Which purchase evidently didn't cost the taxpayers a penny as the funds were obtained from a "forfeiture fund".


  • Which brings us to the final and most interesting question of all.


  • Are the people arming themselves in response to a belligerent and heavily armed government, or is the government arming itself in response to a belligerent and armed people.




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