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Richard Maybury

On the other hand

Submitted by Roanman on Sat, 05/22/2010 - 13:28

You get Richard Maybury


“We have almost no way of tracking what is really happening in China.

The statistics are generated by government agencies that feel no obligation to be truthful to the western devils who overran China in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The numbers are quoted in the mainstream press as if they are reliable, but they aren’t, except in the sense that they tell us what the Chinese regime wants us to think…

It’s likely, in my opinion, that for all practical purposes, absolutely every modern Chinese company is malinvestment.

Its buildings, equipment and workers are in the wrong places doing the wrong things at the wrong prices. These businesses were erected in artificial hot spots created by the injections of fiat currency.

For the present, as long as the supply of fiat currency continues to rain down, the Chinese economy will look fine.

But when the value of the yuan begins to drop sharply, Chinese officials will be faced with a terrifying choice: continue inflating the money supply to prop up the cones, until the yuan is worthless, or stop, and watch the entire economy go belly up.

Neither choice is likely to lead to social harmony.

China’s population reportedly numbers 1.35 billion. About 60% are working age. 

Hundreds of millions live just one paycheck ahead of starvation.

They all know the elite in the cities wallow in luxury…

The fact that at least some Chinese leaders do not want the yuan to climb against the dollar is strong evidence they know what they’ve done.

If the yuan rises much — perhaps 20% or more — prices of Chinese exports will rise, sales will fall, and the shakeout will return.

Tens of thousands of businesses will go under, and mobs of unemployed will begin pouring into the streets.

So, I think some or all the Chinese leadership know they’re facing a Stephen King nightmare…

How big will the disaster be?

I think it has the potential to be the worst in human history —worse than the Black Death, the Dark Ages, the fall of the Roman Empire, you name it.

If just 4% of the population is killed, it will be the worst bloodbath ever, surpassing even the total global body count of World War II.

This kind of thing has happened before in China many times.

Atrocities there are not done halfheartedly…

China is a house of cards, and the bigger they build it, the harder it will fall.

In my opinion, the folks in the Pentagon should be thinking about that;

it is destined to become their problem…

In my opinion, the West’s outdated Keynesian economics has set China up to be the worst catastrophe in history…”

Richard Maybury, Early Warning Report, 05-10


OK then ... now I feel much better.

Reading on a Saturday Morning

Submitted by Roanman on Sat, 04/10/2010 - 10:07


Richard Maybury publishes The Early Warning Report and

Friends have forwarded the occasional copy or link for a while now.

Membership went on sale recently so I signed up.

As yet, I have no opinion.

The quote below links to the signup page. 

“What Obama and his toadies have repeatedly demonstrated themselves to be is fascist.

Fascism is the most simple-minded of all political philosophies, it boils down to just 16 words:

Power holders should do whatever appears necessary, no exceptions, no limits, and no definition of necessary…

We have no way to know what Obama, Bernanke, Geithner or any of the other kingpins will think is necessary, so there is no way to know what they will do to the economy or investment markets.

They are all loose cannons…

Fascism has no plan, it is 100% pragmatic, a fire fighting mentality, not an agenda mentality.

Its only answer to any problem is, more government...

Let me emphasize, the government’s top people are not constrained by ideology…the comment by the Director of National Intelligence, that US officials have the right to kill — without a trial — American citizens they suspect of terrorism.

If these people will do that, they will do anything. They are already across the final line.


“We should expect them to inflate the money supply to whatever extent they believe necessary, no limits.

This is why I believe that before the Great Monetary Calamity ends, somewhere between three and ten years from now, we will see gold at $10,000, silver at $100 and platinum at $10,000...

Remember, however, that I am not saying the precious metals will rise this much, I’m saying the dollar will fall this much.”

 Richard Maybury, 04-10



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